Moonpig send woman random Valentine’s card – now boyfriend thinks she’s cheating

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, the biggest issue is normally whether or not you remembered to buy a card.

However one woman has been having problems this year all thanks to a card she didn’t even purchase.

A 24-year-old named Paige has taken to Twitter to reveal the awkward situation she’s recently found herself in all thanks to greeting card company Moonpig.

She claimed Moonpig had sent her a Valentine’s card addressed to a man named Michal – a card that she did not order.

Her boyfriend, who is not named Michael, came across the card and became suspicious that she might be cheating on him.

Paige tweeted a photo of the card, writing: “Day before Valentines and my boyf (Ash) is really about to break up with me because @moonpiguk making me look like a cheat by posting a card to ‘Michal’.

“Why you doing me like that Moonpig? I didn’t even order a card.”

Moonpig’s official Twitter account responded to her post, apologising for the mix up.

They said: “Hi Paige, I’m sorry to hear about this. If you could send us a DM we will be happy to help you.”

Let’s hope they can send Ash some proof that his girlfriend hasn’t done anything wrong and they can all laugh about it later.

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Bizarre news from Mirror Online

Paige isn’t the only person who has had trouble with cards this Valentine’s Day.

Mum-of-two Laura Flaherty bought a romantic card for her five-year-old daughter to take to school to give to her friend.

But the 33-year-old didn’t look too closely at the message in the shop and it was only when she got it out for her little girl to write in that she realised her mistake.

The seemingly innocent card contained a rather rude message inside.

The whole thing read: “I love you with all of my heart… and all of my rude bits as well! Happy Valentine’s Day.”