Republican candidate Joe Walsh, challenging Trump for GOP nomination, protests at RNC HQ

Jan. 16 (UPI) — Joe Walsh, a former Republican congressman hoping to challenge President Donald Trump for the GOP nomination, showed up at the Republican Party’s Washington, D.C., headquarters Thursday to complain about what he says is a “rigged” process.

Walsh, who served one term in the House from 2011 to 2013 representing Illinois, accused RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel of refusing to meet with him and answer for the cancellations of GOP primaries in several states.

“I’m a Republican candidate for president. I’m at Republican headquarters in D.C. trying to talk [with] someone,” Walsh tweeted. “No one at the RNC would meet with me. No one.”

“Trump and the RNC are rigging this election!” he added in a tweet, promising to hold McDaniel “accountable” for “this repulsive affront to the voters and our democracy.”

Walsh’s political manager Lucy Caldwell said the campaign is still waiting for an explanation.

“Still waiting. Word at the front desk is ‘there’s no one here’ who’s able to meet with [Walsh],” Caldwell said. “Yet a half-dozen members of Congress have streamed in, and a staffer came down and asked if anyone was here for the Chris Cox briefing.”

Walsh, 58, launched his bid for the Republican nomination last August — and former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld and California businessman Rocky De La Fuente are also running against Trump. However, a number of states have canceled their GOP primaries this year as a show of support for Trump. Others have said they would exclude everyone but Trump on their ballots.

“It is unconscionable the Republican Party would be limiting the voices of voters at a time when the president continues to become embroiled in scandal after scandal,” Walsh’s campaign said in an email.