You Can Stay In A Lisa Frank Hotel Room And Uh, Wow

The 1990’s was a decade defined by many things, but whether you’re talking about The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or terrible-but-so-good-but-still-terrible candy or creepy electronic toys, one thing unifies all of them: ridiculously bright colors. The color palette of the 90’s was blinding, and no one person captured it as perfectly as Lisa Frank. I’m sure even just reading her name has sent LSD-esque flashbacks of neon rainbows and pink clouds with sparkly diamond stars. If you weren’t an elementary school-aged child in the 90’s, don’t worry — you can experience all the wonder that was Lisa Frank right here in the year 2019.

Because there is a whole-ass Lisa Frank themed hotel room coming this weekend. has taken over the penthouse suite of the Barsala Flats located in Downtown Los Angeles and given it a bright and shiny 1990’s makeover. The room is only available from October 11 (this weekend, hello) through to October 27, so if you feel inclined to shell out $199/night to stay in this manifestation of a 10-year-old girl’s dream room circa 1993, you’d best get on it.

Although one night will probably be sufficient, I don’t know how much sleep you’d be able to get in this room, because wow.

Oh, oh yeah — it’s stocked with a shit ton of that aforementioned terrible-but-so-good-but-still-terrible candy.

Holy mama that is a bright room

Okay… I friggin’ love those ballerina bunnies though.